Commit Policy


This document is only effective in development of OpenPNE3 platform (it doesn't contain plugins).

Where should you work?

You have to use your repository on the GitHub. Of course, you can use a repository on your own server if you want to do so.

In a general rule, you should not directly push to our shared repository, :openpne/OpenPNE3.git. Even if you have a priviledge to do it, you should merge from your clone for applying your changes to OpenPNE3. Directly pushing is allowed for a bit changes only.

Who should you work?

Everyone. If you want to improve OpenPNE, please do it on your git repository. In doing so, creating branch is good way.

You finish your improving, please tell it us. Use "Pull Request" on GitHub, or send an email to . We'll check your changes and apply them to OpenPNE3 ASAP.

How do you integrate with this issue tracking system?

You should create ticket to manage your changes before you start your work.

If you want to make relation with your changes and the ticket, you have to include a "refs #1" keyword in the comment message.

If you finish your work, include a "fixes #1" keyword in your commit message, and a status of the related ticket is changed.

Integrating with this system is applied on pushing to shared repository.